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Quran e Majeed m ramoz-e-auqaf

Quran-E-Majeed m Ramooz-E-Auqaf

Quran Symbols:

Is article m hum Quran-E-Majeed m ramoz-e-auqaf (Quran Symbols) ky bary m jany gy kh Quran-E-Majeed ko parhty waqt kahan rukna ya tharna chahiye. Quran e Majeed m ramoz e auqaf ki boht ahmiyat hai. agar hum in alfaz ky mutabiq Quran-e-Majeed parhty waqt na thehren to Quran e Majeed ky maini o mafhoom tabdeel ho jaty hen. Neechy di gai tasweer m tamam ramooz e auqaf dikhaye gaye hen,

Quran-E-Majeed m ramooz-e-auqaf

Ramoz-e-auqaf (Quran Symbols) ko behter or asan tareeky sy samjhny ky liye ap is video ko dekh sakty hen. is ky bad hum har ek ramoz-e-auqaf (Quran Symbols) ko alag alag parhen gy.


Ab hum ek ek kr kh tamam ramooz-e-auqaf (Quran Symbols) ko parhen gy.

۝ :

Ayat Ramooz-E-Auqaf

م :

Meem Ramooz-E-Auqaf

ط :

Twa Ramooz-E-Auqaf

ج :

Jeem Ramooz-E-Auqaf

قف :

Qiff Ramooz-E-Auqaf

لا :

Laa Ramooz-E-Auqaf

ز :

zaa Ramooz-E-Auqaf

ص :

Swaad Ramooz-E-Auqaf

صلے :

Salli Ramooz-E-Auqaf

ق :

Qaaf Ramooz-E-Auqaf

صل :

Sal Ramooz-E-Auqaf

وقف النبى ﷺ :

Waqaf e nabi SAW Ramooz-E-Auqaf

وقف مُنَزّل :

Waqaf e Munazal Ramooz-E-Auqaf

و قف غُفۡرَان :

Waqaf e Gufraan Ramooz-E-Auqaf

س يا سكته :

Seen Ramooz-E-Auqaf

وقفه :

Waqfaa Ramooz-E-Auqaf

مُعَانقة :

Nuqty Ramooz-E-Auqaf

ك :

Qaaf 2 Ramooz-E-Auqaf

۵ :

Paanch Ramooz-E-Auqaf

السّجدة :

Sajidaa Ramooz-E-Auqaf

ع :

Aeen Ramooz-E-Auqaf

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