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Swipe the finger and move the ball. Amaze the fabulous amaze game ever.

Amaze 2 Puzzle Game
Interesting Tasks

Amaze 2 has 100+ Interesting levels ready to play

Interesting Moves

Amaze 2  has fantastic sounds with moves

Beautiful GUI

Amaze 2 has really nice levels to complete it really feels like you are in a Puzzle Game world.

Users from different countries

500+ Users

100+ Users


600+ Users

200+ Users

150+ Users

400+ Users

In this game you have to paint the whole white space & boom WIN. The more you play the more it's get harder. Really Enjoyable with Realistic sounds. Amaze is available with upto 100 amazing Levels ready to play.

Some Screenshots

Move The Ball

  • Awesome Effects
  • Realastic Sound
  • Different Seasons

Huge 100

  • Interesting Levels
  • Interesting Task
  • Incredible UI

Some Easy Levels

4 Side Swipe

Fill The Color

More Than 100+ Levels


gameplay very interesting music and sound are very Awesome…😍😍

John Parker

Gamer / GameLoft Company LTD

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M Awais From

M Awais

Backend Developer

M Awais is here to help you through your IT needs. His area of expertise is Back End Development and traditional programming techniques.Skilled in Front End Development, WordPress, Php, Python, Java, C#, Angular JS, React-Native, Android Studio, Unity 2D Game Development & others.

Awais's Expertises:
  • 2+ Years
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Zeeshan Ali

Frontend Designer

I`m Zeeshan Ali and i have Experienced Back End Developer(React Native. JavaScript, Java, C#, Python, MVC, Php, Unity Game Developing(2D ,3D)) And Other with a demonstrated history of working in the management consulting industry. Skilled in, Management, Teamwork, and Software Development. Strong engineering professional graduated from Aptech Learning Shahrae Faisal Centre.

Zeeshan's Expertises:
  • 1+ Year
  • 3 Projects
  • 3+ Years
  • 4 Projects
  • 3+ Years
  • 3 Projects

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Put your technical skills to the test in this Amaze 2 game. There are 100+ fully controllable Levels ready to try!

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